About us - Artisan Silversmith


Having previously qualified in mutimedia design & authoring, teaching students & adult learners, requiring a fine attention to detail. We decided a new challenge was needed which would again allow our creativity to let loose.


We always had a passion for designing and a love of wanting to work with, create and manipulate silver into wonderful decorative freehand jewellery pieces. Always looking to obtain the quality, finish and surprise of our family and clients by realising their ideas and designs they requested.


Starting 10 years ago by fulfilling "one on the bucket list" by attending local night classes held by a wonderful teacher and silversmith Andrew Poole. He taught us the basics of soldering, annealing, cutting and polishing to a gleaming finish.

(Thanks Andrew you've been a true inspiration)


We then took this home and taught ourselves.... by trial and error....many many hours trial and error, some great pieces and some melted silver later !!!, (which then either becomes something else imaginative or remelted to be cast in delft clay into another wonderful creation) ... we finally produced some very pleasing, quality and pretty pieces as commissions and for sale.


Every piece of solid silver jewellery we create is:

Carefully & individually designed, cut, soldered, filed, sanded and polished by hand.


If you then require a choice of finish is applied: patternated, frosted, hammered, satin, maybe you would like your silver creation accented with a stunning 18ct yellow gold or with 18ct red gold plated finish ???. Stamped with memorable dates to celebrate or with a love one's or childs name to cherish... almost anything is possible.


Lastly a final polish to finish it to perfection before packing it up to be assayed at Birmingham or sent off to you for next day delivery.


Anything you want we will always try our best to create your exacting standards.... just ask.


Hopefully ensuring you are nothing short of delighted with the finished commission you envisaged and wanted for that special person in your life (or maybe just a treat for YOU).


Designed by YOU... Created by us