If you want a bespoke piece of Silver Jewellery to be handcrafted

and created just for you, look no further.


We can handmake your bespoke requirements / commission designs as:

 Matching finger / wedding / friendship rings, any design can then also be made as a matching necklace, bangle, earrings to make a set.


Any badge or design you may have and want to be created and hand cast for you as a ring, necklace pendant, bangle icon, earring or designed into any style you want.

Please contact us with your requirements. 


Please view below some of the bespoke handmade orders carried out to date,

we have designed and handcrafted all these designs to our clients requirements:




 Bespoke Cast Harley Davidson 2.8 Ounce Heavy Bikers Bangle


We cast this Harley Badge in 99.9 Pure Solid Silver, (melting a 1 oz fine Silver Dollar and casting it in a Delft Clay mould), directly from a badge supplied by the customer which they wanted us to make into a Biker Bangle in solid silver.

This is a brief look at the design and build process which can be very trying to accomplish, a perfect detailed useable cast to work with normally takes several failed cast attempts to get it right.


Each time it fails the mould must be remade from scratch, the silver remelted and poured... Hence the "At Last" scribed into the clay ;-) = 8+ failed casts....

sometimes more !!! before perfection :-).



Bespoke Cast Solid Silver Angels - Matching Sisters Pendants


We hand cast these Angels in 925 Sterling Silver as a commission gift for two sisters:

One initial L the other S, they were stamped, filled with 9 ct gold, then restamped.
They were both over 15 grams each so required hallmarking, finally finished off with a choice of beautiful Figaro chain, to 'dangle and shine' from.



Bespoke Solid Silver and 9 Carat Gold Elephant and Initial Bangle


The bangle, heart and cast elephants were made in 925 Sterling Silver. We added 9 Carat gold 'studs' either side of the heart and stamped the E for the initial of the recipient.

It was a memorable commission: gifted from one sister to her visiting american sister.
It was 26 grams so required hallmarking which also attracted our first '375 finesse' mark due to the gold content.



Bespoke Solid Silver Torque Necklace with Handmade Butterfly Pendant


The 14 inch torque was made in 925 Sterling Silver  and the pendant crafted in silver wire.

It was a commission for a slender lady who wanted it to shine and compliment her dress for a special wedding. All packed up and ready to post:

Satisfied Customer Feedback Message Left - Which really makes it all worthwhile :-)

Message - Please detail your bespoke order requirements:
Good Morning
The butterfly choker has arrived safely, and fits very nicely with the dress!
Thank you for the time and effort you spent getting it right!
Good luck with your business
Anne A



Bespoke Solid Silver Persian Boxweave Bracelet


This 31 gram - 8 1/2 inch Boxweave Persian Bracelet was a commission birthday present from a loving wife to her husband.

Handmade in 925 Sterling Silver rings, (120 individual link rings approx), all made from solid silver wire and 'ALL' 120 links required hand soldering... one by one... to strengthen, combine and complete this robust piece.


Having polished and made it 'gleam':


We then oxidised it to a Gun metal grey finish, silver can also shine beautifully when oxidised.



Bespoke Solid Silver 'Old English' Goat Hoof Print Pendant


This 22 gram necklace pendant was handmade in 925 Sterling Silver.


Having hand created a mould in casting clay a pewter cast was made to work from, after trimming, filing, shaping sanding and polishing the pewter 'hoofs' we had a solid model to cast the final pendant from in solid silver.


It was a commission for a Wildlife Ranger who loves her Old English Goats.



Bespoke Cast Solid Silver - 18 Carat Gold Plated Bumblebee Pendant


We hand cast this Bee in 925 Sterling Silver as a commission gift for a talented wife

who had Handcrafted the Bee bag from which the Bee catch came from.


Weighing in at 17 grams it required hallmarking.


Finally it was finished off by 18 carat gold plating along with the chain and earrings.



Bespoke Antique Solid Silver Gondola Renovation


We were asked to renovate this 925 Sterling Silver antique gondola which was

a sentimental childhood memory of it's former glory.


It was black with tarnish, missing both lanterns and an oar. We matched the oar with

the existing one and created new lanterns in silver.


Finally giving it a gentle but thorough clean, it was a tearful client who took it back in it's

wonderful original "as new" condition.


Bespoke 4mm Twisted Torque Bangle


This 60 !! gram bangle was a commission for a Silver lover and appreciater.

Handmade in 4mm 925 Sterling Silver wire it was a weighty bangle and far bigger than we would usually carry in stock.



Bespoke 25th 'Silver' Wedding Anniversary Gift


This was a commission for an artist


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Bespoke Fine Silver Shell


This was a statement piece commission for a Lady who knows what she wants


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