Gold Plating


We also offer that really special final touch to further beautify and enhance your bespoke silver creation by 18carat Yellow or Red Gold Plating Jewellery.


We can 18ct Yellow or Red Gold Plate any 'Solid Silver' item we produce. This includes necklace pendants, chains, earrings, bangles, ring boxes, body jewellery.


We are happy to offer this as an extra service at your request at an additional cost of £35 per item (or £15 per pair of standard earrings). Please detail this as an additional requirement on your order form and don't forget to add the amount to your payment total.


Please Note: We will NOT Gold Plate any finger rings as the high wear and tear they endure on a daily basis would make the life of the Gold Plating very limited.


(***Please note: We will also NOT Gold Plate any item which we have not created as we cannot be sure of the metal quality or origin.)